Home Buyer Class

Once a month we host a class with all the information you’ll need to make a great decision on a new home. This isn’t just for first time buyers, we also have the most current info on interest rates from one of our preferred lenders and a market conditions update. We’ll feed you lunch and give you a run down on the whole process, start to finish and then have a Q and A session at the end. No pressure just good info! Use the chat now button on the right to get on the schedule for the next one. 

Home Buyer Tools 1

Need a 4 Bedroom home? Want a big back yard for your pets? Have a horse that also needs a home. We’ve broken the available properties down into our most popular search categories. No need to search everything to find what you’re looking for. Let us know if we can add a category for with the chat now button.

Home Buyer Tools 2

If you’re only interested in a couple subdivisions then this is a great option. No need to sort through a bunch of places that you’re not interested in.

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Home Assist App

We offer an app with a location based proximity search and you can request info on any property without having your info sold to multiple agents and then getting a ton of phone calls.  Just the info you need with out the aggressive sale pitch. Just click below from your phone or tablet

Home Buyer Tools 3

One Step Program

We’ve broken the whole process down for you.  If you like working on one thing at a time and feel overwhelmed this is what you need. Every journey start with a single step, start yours today!