Online Home Buyer Class

We’ve moved our home buyers class online! If you have an hour to put into searching home listings you should definitely take an hour to educate yourself on the process. Get some insights from industry professionals in a no sales environment. Grab your favorite beverage, sit back and absorb what could be some of the best info on the life changing process of buying a home. 

Need a 4 Bedroom home? Want a big back yard for your pets? Have a horse that also needs a home. We’ve broken the available properties down into our most popular search categories. No need to search everything to find what you’re looking for. Let us know if we can add a category for with the chat now button.

Home Buyer Tools 1

If you’re only interested in a couple subdivisions then this is a great option. No need to sort through a bunch of places that you’re not interested in.

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Home Assist App

We offer an app with a location based proximity search and you can request info on any property without having your info sold to multiple agents and then getting a ton of phone calls.  Just the info you need with out the aggressive sale pitch. Just click below from your phone or tablet

Home Buyer Tools 2

One Step Program

We’ve broken the whole process down for you.  If you like working on one thing at a time and feel overwhelmed this is what you need. Every journey start with a single step, start yours today!