Selling your home with Emily

I’m Emily Dennis with Obsidian Realty Group and I’d love to give you the best tools to sell your home quickly and for the best price possible!

Below  is an overview of the process and tools that I will use to get your home sold. The best place to start is to get a current estimate of the value of your home so I have several options for you. You can Call me, Text me or if you’re not quite ready for that request the MARKETwatch analysis of you’re home. It’s  better than most of the online choices because it uses sold property data from our MLS that no other value estimator has and although it can’t replace a property visit and evaluation by me this can give you a good idea of the value and how its trending.

Emily's Home Seller Resources 3

Emily Dennis

Smart Seller Pre-listing checklist

  1. Request the “90 things you can’t afford to neglect when selling your home”  below and use it to think about repairs and maintenance items that may need to be addressed before listing
  2. Sign up for a quarterly MARKETwatch property evaluation and pre listing package at the bottom of this page to see how your home compares to recent sales
  3. Make a checklist of things that need to be done. I have a template if you want one. 
  4. Get prices for the items on your list if you don’t feel comfortable completing them yourself. Contractors are very busy right now so you might be prepared to for a long lead time to get these done. Feel free to give me a call if you need some contacts. I have a ton of contacts in the industry.
  5.  Schedule a time for me to come over and look at your property before you start any remodeling or major repairs. Sometimes you don’t get a dollar for dollar return on some items and I can help you pick the most cost effective items to repair.
  6. Get a quote on staging if you are considering that
  7. Strategically think about where you will live after your home sells. Are you moving to a new home in the area or renting for a while? We’ll need to position you well if you’re buying another house at the same time.
  8. Schedule marketing pictures/videos. After we’ve made a plan and your repairs are complete we’re ready to make your property sparkle online. check out some of our other listings to see what we do for our listings
  9. Sign a listing agreement. I can send you a draft of what that will look like in the pre-listing package below
  10. Keep your home ready for showings and let me do my thing!

My Marketing Strategy Highlights

  •  Obsidian REALvision property tours. These are single property websites with a fully interactive 3d tour of your home, mapping, dimensioned floor plans and general info about your property are the backbone of our web marketing. Buyers find these through our online marketing and call me! We also embed them in our MLS and IDX feeds, so these go out everywhere and are the most in depth way a buyer can interact with your property. The more interaction the stronger the buyer’s memory of your property will be! Check it out below.

Promo Video

Nothing catches more attention than an stunning marketing video! If you want your property to really show its best side in the 3 seconds that a prospective buyer is looking at it before they scroll on then you really need to let us feature it with our promo videos.

  • MLS- This is the key to getting your home in front of as many buyers as possible. The MLS is the database that all the Realtors look at to find property for their buyers. When you bought your home it was most likely listed on the MLS.  If you’re not on the MLS you are missing out on the vast majority of buyers
  • IDX Feeds- This is were zillow and all the other websites get their data for the property on their sites. Our IDX feeds go out to hundreds of websites and then become searchable. Definitely a very powerful tool to get eyes on your property!
  • Smart Seller pricing tools- There are only 2 reasons a property doesn’t sell. One, the right buyer doesn’t know its for sale and two, it’s not quite priced right. We give you ALL the data we look at when we’re analyzing prices and let you decide what you’d like to price it at and then we take care of making sure EVERY buyer knows it’s for sale and has a great impression of it!
  • Cutting edge photography and marketing that catches a buyer’s eye
  • A weekly communication guarantee written into my listing agreement. If you don’t hear from me once a week you can fire me. Even if I don’t have anything new, I’ll check in!